The Reviews are in!

And they are good! Youthmin is sitting pretty at 100%, which is wild even if it’s only eight reviews so far. The release is going strong and I highly recommend you check out Youthmin on Amazon or Vimeo (coming soon to iTunes) and leave us a review after! Nothing is more effective for Indie film than word of mouth.

Let’s round up some of the highlights!

“The Christian equivalent to The Office.” –

“Lots of satirical films have a harsh side to them. Not this one. It is all laughs with heart.” –

“It’s surprisingly candid and self-deprecating about the moral issues people might have with this version of Christianity, and it’s (blessedly) foul-mouthed and sexually frank.” –

“Behind all the overt buffoonery is a genuine heart and earnestness that further drives home the film’s ultimate love of its subject.” –

“Let’s just say if you ever went to church camp or had a conversation with a youth pastor, you’ll grimace and grin at the many ways they send both up here.” –

The Youthmin trailer is finally here!

I know, I’ve been incognito for a long time. Lots of stuff planned for the future but I finally have some big, big news.

After four/five years of postproduction HELL, Youthmin: A Mockumentary is finally premiering on April 28, 2020! And the trailer is out now! Watch below:

I can’t wait to finally share my first film with you!