Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria Poster

Logline: A group of salem witch trial reenactors find themselves at the center of a modern day witch hunt.

Directed by: Arielle Cimino, Jeff Ryan

Written by: Jonathan Coleman, Christopher O’Connell


I am extremely excited about this movie because I was actually able to be on set for most of the shoot. This meant that besides co-writing I was also an extra/script supervisor/PA/grip/catering services/stunt driver. We all wore so many hats, the amount of work people put into this is incredible. And it just paid off!

We will be getting our WORLD PREMIERE at the Independent Film Festival Boston! And we couldn’t be more excited. This is also where we premiered YouthMin. 

This page will be updated as we move forward but if you want timely updates go ahead and follow the Mass Hysteria facebook page.